Hi, my name is Chris Hattan and I would like to introduce myself to you. Iím a friendly, reliable, but most importantly, patient driving instructor who can take you from no driving experience, all the way through to your practical driving test and beyond! Even if you have had previous driving experience or even passed your test, then I can help you too.

A relaxed atmosphere is always the best environment to learn in. No shouting! No degrading! Itís amazing how many people have come to me and said their instructor was impatient and would make them feel stupid when they struggled with something. I always reply, "Why did you stay with them?" Learning to drive can be scary and daunting, but it can still be fun!

Relaxed and fun doesnít mean Iím unprofessional though, I adhere to the Instructors code of conduct, and I will not stop at the shops half way through a lesson to buy a paper or collect my next pupil while you are still in the car (itís not unheard of!). What I will do, is teach you the skills you need to be a safe driver for life not just to pass your practical test, and this in turn will give you the independence that a driving licence can offer!

As a grade 5 instructor, i am in the top 30% of 'Approved Driving Instructors' in the country, so you can be confident you are receiving quality tuition for your money.

Towns covered.

Middlesbrough, Stockton, Billingham, Thornaby and Redcar. Please telephone or e-mail to discuss booking lessons in your area.